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Brothels to Boutique Hotels in Paris

16. 04. 19
posted by: AW

They do conversions differently in France.

The former brothels of Paris; lavishly decorated dens of vice with visitors books boasting the ‘who’s-who’ of European high society, are now enjoying a second lease of life as boutique hotels.

However be warned, if you think you are booking a standard boutique hotel. Hotel Grand Amour, for example, has a statue of Mickey Mouse sporting an outsize phallus standing in its reception. The walls on the upper floors are covered in photographs of bottoms and breasts, the carpets with dotted pink phalluses and the female equivalent.

The Hotel Grand Amour and its sister Hotel Amour were both former ‘maisons de plaisir’. Maison Souquet (pictured above) with twenty bedrooms, also in Paris, is named after the madame who ran it between 1905 and 1907. 

Now they are four star hotels with basement swimming pools and spas, not to mention erotically-themed bedrooms.

Apparently the rise of the internet is to blame for their demise as brothels. Men, according to French reports, meet women on the web these days and not in the girlie bars, high-class brothels or even on the streets.

Needless to say the hotels will offer a by-the-hour room rate. However the hotels would prefer guests to book for two hours rather than one because that will usually come with a request for a bottle of champagne.

The hotels would also prefer guests to book the 12.00pm to 3.00pm window rather than the early evening ‘cinq a sept’ spot preferred by the Parisian workers. The earlier bookings give the hotel the chance to sell the room again overnight.

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