Plans for Chester Zoo to develop its latest attraction ‘Grasslands’ have been approved.

Grasslands, will bring together a range of different African habitats from bush land wildlife to rich plains. Its centrepiece will feature a large, open savannah home to multiple rare and endangered species including zebras, ostriches and antelopes, all living alongside one another.

Grasslands will also feature a hotel, a restaurant and event facilities.

The overnight accommodation in Grasslands will include 28 African-themed lodges and 14 tents laid out around a central paddock. The restaurant on site will feature spectacular views of the wild animals from its balcony.

The Grasslands project is anticipated to open in 2022. The development will see the transformation of Chester Zoo from a day-trip destination to one which enables longer stays.

Chester Zoo is close to both the centre of Chester and the M54 motorway.

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