Crowne Plaza Hotels has launched a new training programme to help staff members become more attuned to guests’ needs through a heightened awareness of the skills of emotional intelligence. 

The training programme, run by Heads of Departments at each hotel, is called “Dare to Connect” and has been developed using bespoke ‘Life Skills’ modules, created by emotional intelligence experts at ‘The School of Life. The programme will help to upskill Crowne Plaza team members who work across the brand’s 98 hotels in Europe.

The programme will focus on developing six core emotional intelligence skills: vulnerability, self-belief, connection, anticipation, authenticity, and perseverance.

Those who participate in the training will learn ways to alleviate guests’ anxiety by responding to, and anticipating the particular emotional needs people can experience when they are travelling for work.

By applying these skills to their day to day roles, team members will be better able to recognise cues in guests’ behaviour and make natural and authentic connections with guests without following a script.

A trial run of the training programme is being run at three Crowne Plaza properties in the UK - Leeds, Manchester City Centre and Newcastle Stephenson Quarter. Initial results are promising. Compared with previous years, the overall service scores grew by at least four percentage points, and overall experience scores grew by up to five per cent. Furthermore, the hotels saw an influx of positive guest reviews – reports a spokesman from Crowne Plaza. 

Mike Greenup, Vice President, Marketing for Crowne Plaza said: “While we understand that business travellers appreciate efficient and functional service, we’ve seen how applying an added layer of empathy to our guest interactions, greatly improves the stay experience. The School of Life is really helping us achieve this by equipping our team members with the tools to give them confidence to deliver this deeper, more emotional level of service.”

The ‘Dare to Connect’ training programme will roll-out across Crowne Plaza hotels in Europe from 2019 onwards. 

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