The first sausage-inspired hotel has just opened – in Germany. The hotel is crammed full of sausage references.

The bedrooms are papered from floor to ceiling with merguez and Thuringer themed wallpaper. The bed bolsters are giant bratwursts made out of cloth. The bedside tables are barrels of mince. Even the soaps in the bathroom are crimson sausages with caraway seeds and little lumps of fat. The hotel also has a sausage vending machine – reports the Times.

The hotel is the Gasthaus Bobel in Ritterbach in Bavaria. It is run, unsurprisingly, by a master butcher.

Each of the bedrooms is dedicated to a different aspect of Bratwursts. One displays the ingredients; another describes the history of the German delicacy; whilst another is dedicated to European sausages such as spicy merguez and the Italian salsiccia.

Hotel guests also have the opportunity to visit a pig farm during their stay and to grind their own meat to take away.

We suspect Gasthaus Bobel will not be a hotel of choice for vegetarians.

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