Liverpool is the birthplace of the Beatles and a world heritage site with world class attractions and a quality sporting history. With more parks than Paris and beaces and countryside nearby its a great place to be.

Manchester is a city of 'firsts' - the site of the world's first railway station and where scientists first split the atom. It boasts a great range of hotels and conference venues and is the third-most visited city in the UK by foreign visitors, after London and Edinburgh.

London is arguably the world's capital city with venues to suit every event and every budget. Let Choice Locations be your guide to the best venues and best locations for your London event.

Birmingham we know better than any other city in the UK. A great range of hotels service major convention centres including the ICC and the NEC – and Choice Locations knows them all.


About Us

Let me introduce our team:


Caroline Drake

Account Manager: Caroline manages a range of clients, getting to know their special requirements. “I love working closely with clients. I also think it is important to see as many new venues and hotels as possible. It keeps my ‘product knowledge’ up to date. It means that when I inspect a venue I immediately know whether it will appeal to a client” says Caroline.